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A Message from Our Leadership

As civil engineers, we have a responsibility to promote the welfare of all persons regardless of race. For too long, people of color have been systematically oppressed in our society and we would like to encourage our members to play an active role in pursuing equality for everyone in both their collegiate and professional careers.

We have the unique opportunity to be the generation of engineers that works to mend these issues. Canon 8 of ASCE’s Code of Ethics states that “Engineers shall consider the diversity of the community, and shall endeavor in good faith to include diverse perspectives, in the planning and performance of their professional services.” The role of the civil engineer in the future of our nation’s infrastructure is vital, and it’s on us to see that our work does not discriminate against anyone.

There is no place for intolerance in our profession and we want to make it clear that we stand with our black members during this difficult time in our nation’s history.

Black lives matter.

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