The University at Buffalo’s Concrete Canoe team is just one of the many subsets of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Our team starts early in the fall semester, preparing for competition at the end of April. The students work together to research, design and build a concrete canoe that will hopefully take us to the national competition. Being a part of any of the design teams helps the students develop skills that are otherwise not taught in the classroom. With the concrete canoe team, we learn about designing concrete mixtures and their properties of strength. There are also a lot of opportunities to attain hands on experience with construction. We offer workshops with mixing and pouring concrete throughout the year. If you would rather keep your hands clean of concrete, you can join the hull design team, who uses various software to develop the shape of the canoe. We analyze the structural aspects of the canoe based on a variety of loading cases, such as during races, display and travel. Last but not least, UB’s concrete canoe team builds lasting relationships between team members.


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Riley Blasiak