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Steel Bridge Regionals 2021 - 2
Steel Bridge Regionals 2021 - 1
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The UB Steel Bridge Team is a great team to be a part of if you are interested in engineering and enjoy doing hands-on work.  Our team has had great success in the past, finishing as high as fourth in the National Competition.  We like to keep that winning spirit alive by creating a bridge every year that can be competitive nationwide and go up against top schools.  The bridge is designed and fabricated on campus by members of the team.  The team is made up of students of all ages, with varying knowledge and abilities, that all help contribute to the success of the team.  Steel Bridge is a great way to make friends, network with professionals and learn many different aspects of engineering.  The Steel Bridge team has a lot of fun and can teach you many things that you would never learn in a classroom.


Contact the Project Managers!


Daniella Kata

Ben Cardamone

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