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Weekly Update

Elections We're officially beginning the process of E-Board elections for next year! If you know anyone interested or are interested yourself, please take a look at all of the positions available and simply enter your or someone else's name and UBIT (if known), on the document below. This week, candidates should prepare a 1-2 minute written speech, including information such as their involvement/experiences in ASCE, their other qualifications, and why they are running for their respective position(s). Candidates should send their speeches to by Saturday 4/4 @ 11:59 PM. The following week, all of these speeches will be uploaded to a google doc to allow everyone to view them. Additionally, members will be able to ask the candidates questions on the form. Make sure to stay tuned for election updates in the coming weeks! Apparel Sale We are currently waiting to hear back from SA and the Ticket Office regarding the status of our apparel sale. We have sent numerous emails and have not gotten a response. The sale officially ended this past Friday. While we plan on continuing to try to get in contact, we are assuming that the sale is cancelled and plan on seeing how you can get your money back from SA. Online Learning Transition If you're having any trouble or questions regarding transitioning to online learning, please view the attached Google Slides presentation sent to us on behalf of our faculty advisor.

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