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Wakil Pranto, Featured Intern

The following is Wakil's description of his experience:

This summer, I have the fortunate opportunity to intern for one of the world's largest construction companies, Kiewit Corporation. Kiewit is an employee owned company that diversifies its portfolio into various districts and markets. I am currently working under the Eastern District alongside one of its subsidiaries, Mass Electric Construction Co.

My position at Mass Electric is a Field/Office Engineer Intern for the Metro-North Outlying Stations CSI Package 6 project. This transportation project is for New York City's MTA Metro-North Railroad at their various train stations. It entails replacing and updating the existing Public Address (PA) and Visual Information Systems (VIS), upgrading security, and replacing display to provide information to Metro-North customers. We are also designing and installing new security cameras, platform displays, and Wi-Fi at 20 initial stations.

Contrary to the traditional construction internship, I have primarily been working inside the office this summer. My day-to-day administrative tasks include drafting safe work plans (SWP/JHA), product submittals, 4-week look aheads, 90-day schedules, environmental assessments, request for informations (RFI), and attending various correspondence meetings. On the procurement side, I have been ordering materials and tools, creating purchase orders (PO), submitting change orders, tracking quantity completions, and verifying labor hours. Lastly, on the design side, I have been updating as-built drawings, measuring quantity take-offs (QTO), verifying products/procedures to meet design specifications, submitting shop drawings, and measuring future civil framework placement in the field.

I am thoroughly enjoying the electrical aspect of this project. As a civil engineering major, you don't normally get the chance to work outside of the civil/structural realm, so being able to learn about various conduit, junction boxes, cable types, and support systems is fascinating. I have learned how crucial safety and communication is in the industry, and practicing what you preach can truly save yours or a coworker's life. I also get the grateful opportunity to work alongside UB ASCE alumni and steel bridge legend, Nick Belmonte!

I received this position through the fall STEM-UP career fair. While interviewing with the recruiters the following day, I noticed they were very interested in past work experience, especially if you have experience or knowledge in the construction industry. The key is to treat the interview as if you are also interviewing them by asking a ton of question in return, at the end.

If you are interested in being UB ASCE's Featured Intern or Researcher, click here.

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