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Euler Jane, Featured Intern

Congratulations to UB ASCE's first featured intern Euler Jane!

Here is Euler on site and a description of her experience!

I was lucky enough to get an internship under Jinggong Steel in Qatar and their project, Al Rayyan Stadium for FIFA 2022. The company is working on the design of steel roof of the stadium and focusing, as of now, on the temporary support of modules that will comprise the roof of the stadium.

Behind me is the stadium under construction with the partially completed concrete bleachers and the white modules that will serve as steel roof system.

What I do in this internship is do some basic administrative tasks, walk around the site with the site engineer when there is inspection, and complete tasks asked by the design engineer. But the best thing about the internship was learning about the principle of designing stadiums, specifically this one, and making sense out of the things I have learned in class thru designing structures.

If you are interested in being UB ASCE's Featured Intern or Researcher, click here.

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