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05/06/2018 Weekly Update

End of Year Feedback

Please fill out the poll to give feedback from this year and select a meeting time for next year. It will help us to plan for next year and make appropriate changes that align with what you are looking for in UB ASCE. Job Openings

New NY Bridge Interns Looking for construction interns for the New NY Bridge Project in Tarrytown NY. Please submit a resume and cover letter to Andrew.orourke@newnybridge. GPI Bridge Inspector GPI is looking for a recent graduate for their WNY office to be an Assistant Team Leader on their NYSDOT Bridge Inspection contract. For the job posting go here and search bridge inspection and it will appear. All questions can be referred to Brian Carlson

Design Teams

Steel Bridge

Nothing this week

Concrete Canoe

PM elections Monday time TBD look for email from PM.

Seismic Design

PM elections this week TBD look for email from PMs.

Bridging the Gap Africa

Concrete mix Monday at 1PM

Regards, Conor Blake Secretary University at Buffalo Student Chapter of ASCE

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